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Henry Evangelistic Association: Victory Ever so Near

A ministry of Evangelist James R. Henry, your preacher to the Gentiles of America!

Bible 1

He uses, defends, and preaches from the AD 1769 King James Bible, the fourth edition since the "Authorized Version" of A.D. 1611.

As the Catholics preach Jesus on the cross (praise God, He's not there anymore), he preaches the empty tomb, for Jesus conquered death, and is alive in Heaven sitting on His Father's right hand.

Bro. James, as he is well known by his very own bus kids, is currently on a project to present the "Churches of God" with the "Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Church Directory." This directory will include IFBC Churches, Evangelists, Missionaries, colleges, and camps. Currently, this is being placed on the internet, but will, in the future, be published in hard copy.

The term "Evangelist", refers to a person who starts Independent, Fundamental, King James Bible-only, Baptist Churches, and stimulates, or brings revival, to Churches already established, and to the nation. "My job as an Evangelist is to bring revival to this great nation, as I plan on doing with open-air, and tent revival campaigns. My job is also to build Churches where they are needed. I plan on starting the 'Independent, Fundamental, Baptist Churches of America', to consist of those Churches that I plan to start."

"I have a vision to create a Baptist camp that will give young children, and teenagers, a burden for our country. As Dr. Jack F. Hyles had a burden for a school that would send Pastors, Evangelists, and Missionaries, around the world to reach the lost, and win them to Christ, so do I have a burden to, with God's help, give young children, and teenagers, a burden to save this country, one soul at a time. I, like they, cannot do it without God's help. We have got to have God's power to do this great task. Pray with me, as we save this country." -Evangelist James R. Henry

"I am a NOBODY, doing something for SOMEBODY, who died on the old-rugged cross, and resurrected on the third day to save EVERYBODY from the depths of Hell."

Bro. James would like to thank everybody who is praying daily for his ministry, and for the lost to receive Christ as personal Saviour. Thank you!!!

If you would like to contact Bro. James to either schedule him for a meeting/revival campaign, or to let him know what you think of this site, please do so by Clicking Here!

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